Yahya Rasoul: We reached an important leads regarding the rocket launchers

  • 4-10-2020, 15:04
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, Sunday, the spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, revealed that important leads have been reached regarding launching rockets towards the Green Zone, confirming that the operations of imposing law and confining weapons to the hands of the state are continuing.

    Rasoul told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The intelligence effort is the present. Therefore, today work is underway according to an accurate intelligence plan through which we reached important strings regarding launching missiles."

     He added, "The investigation committees that were formed under the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhmi, were intended to reach the rocket launchers towards the Green Zone and towards the citizens, the last of which was in Radwaniyah, which killed three martyrs and wounded two."

    In a separate context, Major General Rasoul emphasized that "the operations of imposing law, imposing the prestige of the state, and controlling uncontrolled weapons are continuing and did not stop until the issue of tribal disputes is completed, in coordination with the original Iraqi tribes."

    "Now is the time to secure the fortieth visit of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him," he explained, "and the cutters now have a mission to secure the routes taken by the visitors, as well as to perform the tasks of preemptive security operations against Daesh terrorist gangs and their remnants."

    With regard to the disputed areas, Rasoul pointed out that "there are some areas that are still empty, which are spaces between the veils of the provincial guard forces and the locations of the federal government units."

    He stated that "these areas contain the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs, and they need proactive and qualitative work," indicating that "the joint committees between the federal government represented by the leadership of joint operations and the Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region are working to overcome all these difficulties."