Interior: Developed plans to ensure the smooth flow of Arbaeen visit

  • 4-10-2020, 09:30
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    INA - Baghdad


    The Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanimi, confirmed developing plans to ensure the smooth flow of Arbaeen visitors.


    Interior Ministry included in a statement received by Iraqi News Agency (INA), that the Head of the Supreme Security Committee to manage the security and service file for the visit of Arbaeeen, Interior Minister Othman Al-Ghanimi held a meeting in Karbala Governorate.


    The meeting was attended by the ministries' agents as well as the local government in the province, in addition to the supporting bodies and departments, to discuss the progress of the Arbaeen visit of Imam Hussein PBUH, security and administrative affairs as to supervise them in all field.


    Al-Ghanimi praised the efforts of the security forces of all kinds, ministries and service departments, and the great cooperation of citizens, stressing "the government's keenness to make the visit successful, which requires high discipline and fruitful cooperation from all,"


    He explained, "Setting up adequate plans will contribute to the smooth movement of visitors and ensure their return to their homes upon the conclusion of the visit”