Najaf Airport resumes the flights during the Arbaeen

  • 3-10-2020, 15:01
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    INA -Najaf - Haider Farman

    Najaf International Airport administration announced the completion of preparations to receive flights during the Arbaeen visit.

    "During the visit of Arbaeen (the fortieth day since the martyrdom of Imam Hussien PBUH in Ashura), Najaf International Airport is to receive flights from Arab and Islamic countries after a break of more than four months due to Corona pandemic," said a member of the airport administration, Hafiz Salman Al-Ghazali, in an exclusive statement to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He indicated that "This came after the government's recent decision to allow 1500 travelers from all over the world to participate in the Arbaeen visit,"

    There are airlines that have contacted the airport administration to operate their flights, including Al-Jazeera, Qatar Airline, Pakistan Airlines and other airlines that have actually arrived at Najaf International Airport, according to Al-Ghazali statement pointing out that "the airport will witness a remarkable reception for travelers in the coming days from countries that want to operate their flights and participate in the visit of Arbaeen,"

    He explained that the airport administration will take all health and preventive measures that the Crisis Cell has directed to achieve healthy social distancing for the safety of travelers, and Najaf Airport will witness a good return in the coming days"