An Interview with the young Iraqi musician Yousif Abbas

Culture and art
  • 1-10-2020, 10:53
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    INA - Fatima Rahma


     The oud player Yousif Abbas, a young dreamer of invoking the music of the Mesopotamian civilization in international theaters, is a dream that was not shocked by the circumstances and difficulties of life.  And the Sheriff Muhyiddin Haidar, who kept hearing in his grandfather's house while he was sitting in his lap, which fed his artistic taste


     Yousif spoke to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) about his artistic experience, saying: “Iraqi music is the first launch of music in the world.  Music and its launch to the world is the land of Mesopotamia, and we bequeathed it to them. "


     He added, "I dreamed of returning the status of Iraqi music to its highest ranks, despite all the oppressive circumstances that Iraq went through, but it still generates exceptional talents that represent it from time to time."


     Regarding the possibility of composing an oriental symphony, Abbas replied: "Certainly, this is what I am working on, and now I have (concertos) for the oud with the orchestra, and I want to play in the halls that the musician Beethoven played in.


     The young musician added, "The world is beautiful and great, and there are wonderful opportunities through which a person can prove himself despite the lack of support for real arts."


     Yousif Abbas was born in Babel Governorate in 1994, and he studied the Oud instrument in Egypt at the Arab Oud Institute and under the direct supervision of the international musician Nasir Shamma the professor of music in art academies between Egypt and the Arab countries. Oud with the orchestra .He also composed many Ramadan soundtracks in Egypt and the Gulf and founded his own band under the title of Contemporary Music Project by Yousif Abbas, with the finest musicians in Egypt and some countries and made Arab and international participations.