Al-Kadhmi issues a statement on the first anniversary of the October national events

  • 1-10-2020, 10:02
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    Baghdad - INA


     The Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhmi, issued a statement on the first anniversary of the October national events.

     The following is the text of the statement:

     On the first anniversary of the October national events, we reiterate the constants of the great people of Iraq, the maker of October, its hero, and its flowing youth despite the sacrifices.

     This government came based on the road map imposed by the movement, grievances and aspirations of the Iraqi people, and we affirm loyalty to our people and the road map imposed by the blood and sacrifices of their vanguard youth.

     It is no secret to our people the nature of the challenges facing our country at this delicate stage of its history, and with reference to the crises that my government inherited at the level of the deteriorating economic structure, including the transformation of Iraq, with all its human and historical potentials, into a hostage to oil prices, which we are working to change completely through an equation.  

    The economy of production and activation of self-energies, and the challenge imposed by the Corona epidemic and its repercussions at the international level was a shock to attention to the need to immunize our society in the face of emerging crises, which we will face together and overcome if we unite and the Iraqi national reform path is our guide.

     We were and still are loyal to the October movement and its lofty outcomes, and we have worked since the first day of undertaking the undertakings of the ministerial platform, starting with identifying and sorting the martyrs and wounded in Tishreen, which is the natural path to restore their rights and honor their national position, and then transform that into a legal investigation context that guarantees the restoration of the rights of those who involved in the Iraqi blood.


     The sensitive stage that our country is going through requires that everyone, including political forces and popular actors, unite to reach free and fair early elections on the basis of a just law.


     My patriotic youth is the greatest pain across the nation’s map, and I call on them to continue their commitment to peace in expressing their opinion and to the national path for which the October martyrs sacrificed.

     This is your country, your home, your haven, and the future of the generations after you. Defend it and the independence of its national decision and prevent any foreign party from interfering in its affairs and options, and fully prepared to stand hand in hand to defend its unity, capabilities and sovereignty.