An artist simulates the issues of the times with a new vision

Culture and art
  • 24-09-2020, 10:57
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     The artist, Dr. Ibtisam Naji Al-Saadi, has mastered ceramics, through her academic work at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Babylon, her talent has enabled her to reduce things in bending clay and embodying details.

     The Iraqi News Agency (INA) conducted an interview with the ceramist, Ibtisam Al-Saadi.

     She added that "no artistic work can be executed without a school of value, such as abstraction or romance or something else," stressing that "it prefers the style of abstraction because of its high expressive energy and technical theme."

     Al-Saadi pointed out that she "dealt with the recent demonstrations in a piece of ceramics, using the bathroom to beautify reality and called it (liberation)," noting that "there is no difference between the local trends in the art of shaping, of all its kinds, and the prevailing schools worldwide."

     She pointed out that she had previously dealt with Spyker’s crime with an artistic work called (Mourning), where she embodied him with a black-faced woman and white hair, explaining that "most of my works represent women's issues and heritage."