Health: Forming committees with Education for the next academic year

  • 23-09-2020, 14:12
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    INA - Baghdad

    Ministry of Health identified the categories that have priority to receive Corona vaccine, while it disclosed the measures regarding the new school year.

    “Iraq is one of the first countries to join the International Vaccine Alliance and there are 50 companies that have started manufacturing the vaccine,” said Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Al-Tamimi indicated that “the Supreme Health and Safety Committee agreed to allocate the necessary sums to provide the vaccine, and in case approved by the World Health Organization, the amount that Iraq will receive is sufficient to cover 20 percent of the total population.

    He explained, "The categories covered by the vaccine who will have priority in obtaining the vaccine are the elderly who exceed the age of 50 years, and those with chronic diseases, as well as the employees of the security services of all classes in addition to the employees of the Ministry of Health," noting that "after the production of other quantities, the vaccine will be sufficient to cover all the people,"

    The Minister of Health affirmed that "the cure rate has reached higher than the rate of infections in the past days, as the recovery rate has reached 80%, which is a good indicator if compared to the past months," indicating the reasons for its increase are the increase in the diagnostic capacity and the provision of the necessary capabilities by the ministry.

    Al-Tamimi explained that "committees are formed with the Ministry of Education regarding the new academic year, and there are many options that are still being studied by specialists in this field,"

    On the other hand, the Minister of Health stated, "Iraq, in cooperation and coordination with the professors of the General Secretariat of the Arab Board, has succeeded in examining more than 500 doctors, after their examinations were delayed to obtain a doctorate degree in 46 medical specialties by using the computerized halls,"