Al-Maliki: Iraq refuses targeting any diplomatic missions

  • 23-09-2020, 13:51
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    INA - Baghdad

    Head of the State of Law coalition, Noori al-Maliki, affirmed that US-Iran conflict continues to cast a shadow over Iraq, while noting that Iraq refuses to target any diplomatic missions.

    "The President of the State of Law Coalition received in his office, UK Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Hickey and during the meeting, both discussed political and security updates and the escalation in the region,” included a statement by al-Maliki office received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Al-Maliki stressed "the importance of joint work and cooperation between the two countries to spare Iraq and the region conflicts and wars," noting that "the US-Iran conflict still casts a shadow on Iraq”

    The head of the State of Law coalition stated that Iraq is proud of its relations with the countries of the world and refuses to target diplomatic missions, stressing that it is not allowed to be a starting point for attacking any neighboring country, or a battlefield for settling scores.

    In his turn, the British ambassador affirmed his country's support for the sovereignty and stability of Iraq, pointing to the importance of restraint and reliance on constructive dialogue, avoiding escalation and providing protection for diplomatic missions.