Retrieving ancient manuscripts stolen from the Eastern Church in Mosul

  • 17-09-2020, 12:31
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    Nineveh - INA


     The Nineveh Investigation Court, which is concerned with counterterrorism cases, certified the statements of a school guard who stole ancient religious manuscripts and books belonging to the Eastern Church in Mosul.

     A statement by the Supreme Judicial Council received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, stated that "the accused guard, who was working in a school adjacent to the Eastern Church located in the Al-Shaareen market in the old area of ​​Mosul, was arrested."

     He pointed out that "the accused hid the stolen items in his home for the purpose of selling them and smuggling them outside the country, and that the manuscripts were stolen in 2015 and before the terrorist organization Daesh took the church as the headquarters of the so-called divan al-Hasbiya."