WHO: Iraq's deaths in COVID-19 are less than the global average

  • 7-09-2020, 17:37
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    INA - Baghdad - Muhammad al-Talbi

    The director of the World Health Organization’s office in Iraq and head of its mission, Adham Ismail, confirmedon Monday, that his organization and the Ministry of Health and Environment were able to reduce deaths to 3%, which is less than the global average.

    "The situation in Iraq is worrying and the increase in the number of injuries came as a result of delayed examinations, as well as gatherings" said Ismail to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He added, "We expect an increase in injuries, but as long as it is not more than normal, that is a good sign"

    "We were able, in the Ministry of Health and a World Health Organization, to reduce the severity of the spread, since the plan that had been drawn up had changed and we increased the capacity of hospitals to deal with patients because the death rate became less than 100 every day, and within two months we were able to reduce the number of deaths to 3%, which is Less than the global average,” Ismail added.

    He explained that "the gatherings, the opening of the field, activities and the opening of coexistence without controls have led to an increase in infections. Therefore, we need the citizens' commitment to preventive measures. The epidemic can be avoided, up to 40% just by wearing a mask and 60% by avoiding mixing and gathering"

    Ismail expected that there will be a second wave in the coming winter of the virus, because the virus’s activity increases with lower temperatures, saying, “We expect it to take place during October and the second months, and the only solution is preventive health measures"