MOP refers the 2020 budget to the Council of Ministers

  • 6-09-2020, 10:57
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    The Ministry of Planning referred the 2020 budget to the Council of Ministers for approval, and then referred it to the House of Representatives for approval so that the borrowing law can be approved with the aim of launching the entitlements of employees and citizens for the remaining months of the current year, confirming work with the relevant authorities to prepare the 2021 budget.

    The Undersecretary of the Ministry Maher Hammad Johan said to “Al-Sabah”: The federal financial budget for the current year 2020 that was sent by the Ministry of Finance to the Council of Ministers last Wednesday is the same budget that was prepared earlier and contains a financial deficit estimated at 80 trillion dinars, and was based on an amount A total of 146 trillion dinars. A promise to send the budget is necessary, stressing that the budget has not undergone any change, and also contained the launch of bonuses and promotions for all employees, indicating that the available job grades for retirement were added to the federal budget for 2021.

    Johan revealed that the Ministries of Planning and Oil, in addition to the Central Bank, the Customs Authority and the Public Debt Department, are currently reviewing the amounts that could be supplied to the 2021 budget, which now lacks the existence of final figures.