The Cabinet approves choosing the 3rd of October as a national day for Iraq

  • 1-09-2020, 17:28
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers issued a number of new decisions, including the transfer of contracts for contract and wage employees in the Ministry of Electricity from the investment budget to the operational budget.

    The statement indicated that "the council agreed to choose the date of the independence of Iraq and the salvation of the British mandate on the third of October 1932, a suitable and appropriate date to be celebrated annually as a national day for Iraq, and the legal department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers prepared a special bill on (National Day) Of the Republic of Iraq), it shall be separate and independent from the law on official holidays, in addition to referring the draft law on the National Day of the Republic of Iraq to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of articles (61 / Clause I and 80 / Clause II) of the Constitution.

    The Media Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Council of Ministers decided to exclude the appointment of doctors from the Cabinet Resolution (92 of 2020), by amending the paragraph contained in the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee that consisted of the Cabinet Resolution (73). For the year 2020), as well as approving the transfer of contracts for contract and wage employees in the Ministry of Electricity from the investment budget to the operational budget and disbursing the dues referred to in paragraph (1) above from the electricity wages owed by the ministries and departments of the state financed centrally for the previous years, at a rate of 1/12 of the expense For the year 2019, according to the accompanying disclosure, the Ministry of Electricity’s book number: 28316 dated 8/31/2020 was linked, which represents salaries for part of the year / 2019 until 6/30/2020.

    The Council agreed that the Ministry of Finance allocates the amount of debts owed by ministries and state departments to the central government category, at a rate of 1/12 of the actual disbursement for the year 2019, for the purpose of covering the entire salary dues for contracts, according to the lists that will be sent to the Ministry of Finance in succession, as well as approving the establishment of The Iraqi Trade Bank opened a confirmed and postponed documentary letter of credit for a period of (12) months for the full amount of the two contracts (75,518,675 euros for cooling systems) and (382,215,000 euros for setting up quick-fix units 9 - Wasit Al-Ghazia), and by submitting a guarantor from the Ministry of Finance.

    The statement added that "the council also agreed to update paragraphs (1) and (2) of Cabinet Resolution No. (32) for the year 2020 to include the terms and conditions agreed upon in accordance with what was stated in the Ministry of Electricity's letter No. 28265 dated 31/8/2020. For the purpose of signing the loan agreement and compensation for the letter of guarantee of documentary credit upon maturity, while he agreed to authorize the Minister of Finance to sign in accordance with the conditions set forth in the Ministry of Finance Book 4664 on 1/9/2020, indicating that “the Board also agreed to approve the recommendations of the consultative meeting, the competent Establishing controls for the import of motorcycles, taking into account the opinion of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, confirmed by the memorandum of the Legal Department of the number: MD / S / 2/1/173 LQ, dated 8/10/2020.

    He continued, "The council agreed to approve the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (25 of 2020) regarding approval for the Ministry of Oil to proceed with the procedures for signing the Facility Agreement and Subordiation Deed, which is related to the Ministry of Oil’s book number f / 270. , Dated 8/16/2020, as well as approving the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (24 of 2020) regarding approval of the provisions of paragraphs (5 and 6) of the appendix to the contract concluded between the South Gas Company and (BH-GE) , Regarding the Nasiriyah and Al Gharraf gas fields project.

    According to the statement, the prime minister directed the ministers of finance, trade and agriculture and the advisor to the prime minister, to find an urgent solution to ensure the transfer of farmers' dues against the crops received by the ministries of commerce and agriculture during the year 2020, and recommendations are submitted to the Prime Minister within a week, including a mechanism for completing the full payment of dues before End of 2020. "