Advisor to the Prime Minister Hisham Daoud: The government allows encroachment on public lands and inside

  • 1-09-2020, 15:12
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    Baghdad - INA

    Advisor to the Prime Minister Hisham Daoud confirmed that the government will not allow encroachment on public and private property, and while noting the rejection of chaos, which has become a profession for some, and that the government bears its responsibility to implement the law, he announced the approval of building giant gas investment facilities.

    Daoud said in a press conference attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Tuesday, that "the process of weakening the state and presenting it that it cannot protect citizens is a cause that harms us all," noting that "the prestige of the state is a fundamental issue," pointing out that "controlling weapons The escaped is done by strengthening the state on all sides. "

    He added that "the low rate of Corona infections is a source of success, and the Ministry of Health has provided all kinds of drugs in the world," noting that "the Ministry of Health distributed about 450,000 masks to visitors on the day of Ashura."

    He pointed out that the Council of Ministers approved building giant facilities for gas investment for the Basra Gas Company with a capacity of 400 million standard cubic feet per day, indicating that "the Council of Ministers also approved the start of the implementation of the Nasiriyah gas investment project with a capacity of 200 million cubic feet per day."

    He explained that "the cabinet approved the proposal of the Minister of Culture to set a national day for Iraq."

    Daoud added, "Iraq has started to play an important role in the region," noting that there will be upcoming visits between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, indicating that France wants to build economic relations with Iraq.

    He indicated that the prime minister directs ministers to search for corruption and double salaries, to tamper with the law and waste public money.