Al-Kadhmi announces the formation of a higher investigative committee to deal with cases of corruption and exceptional crimes

  • 30-08-2020, 14:03
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhmi, announced the formation of a supreme committee to deal with major corruption cases and exceptional crimes, while announcing the end of the first phase of investigating the facts of violations against the October demonstrators.

    Al-Kadhmi said during a speech on the occasion of Ashura’s commemoration, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): that the Iraqis have turned the lessons of history into a material of community production, indicating that the kindest message is that you, hate, revenge, and enliven your homeland, Iraq first, second and third.

    "We pay tribute to the rational authority that preserved the legacy of Al-Hussein in tolerance and refused to include his values ​​in politics," he added

    He pointed out that "it was decided to form a higher investigative committee to deal with major corruption cases and exceptional crimes," stressing that it was "granted the powers required to achieve the prestige of the state and restore the rights of the corrupt citizens."

    Al-Kadhmi revealed that "the first stage of fact-finding that accompanied the violations against the demonstrators in October ended, as we began counting the wounded and victims of the demonstrations to obtain their entitlements," noting that "the security forces moved with all their energies and conducted extensive investigations that will be announced upon completion."The Prime Minister stressed "not to be complacent in the application of the law against aggressors on public and private property, and attacks on security services and medical staff will be met with the strictest legal measures."

    He added that "the government cares for everyone equally, and only the state bears responsibility for retribution," noting "facing calls to bear arms with the force of law, and we will not allow anyone or a party to drag us into non-state."

    Al-Kadhmi pointed out that "early elections are our firm commitment to the Iraqi people, and we will be on the pledge of loyalty."