FM: We dealt reciprocally with Turkey in response to the violation of our sovereignty

  • 16-08-2020, 10:41
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it has dealt similarly with Turkey in response to its violation of Iraqi sovereignty, by stopping granting entry visas at Iraqi border ports and airports, and canceling all visits of Turkish officials to Iraq.

     "The ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad for two consecutive times and handed him two protest notes in strong language against the backdrop of Turkey's attacks on Iraqi sovereignty," ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahhaf told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), calling on the Turkish government to reveal the perpetrators of hostile crimes and hold them accountable.

     He pointed out that "Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein held contacts with his Arab and foreign counterparts, explaining that" all countries at the Arab and European levels support Iraq's position and support it in defending its unity and territorial sovereignty.