Iraq enters the stage of the rapid spread of the Corona virus

  • 8-07-2020, 10:57
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     The Parliamentary Crisis Cell affirmed entering the Corona epidemic, while indicating that this stage requires new preparations.

     Member of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell, Hassan Khalati, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Wednesday, that "Iraq entered a new stage, which is the stage of the outbreak of the Corona virus, despite taking all necessary measures," noting that "this stage requires new preparations."  .

     He added that "the Ministry of Health has taken a good plan to expand the number of beds, as well as take places to support hospitals."

     He pointed out that "the plans followed are good, with the need to prepare and equip hospitals, especially now that we are facing a new reality that requires quick steps."

     He clarified that "issues of medical supplies must be taken into consideration, calculated and provided in additional and large numbers in anticipation of future cases."