PLC reveals a plan to maximize imports and activate the economic sector

  • 4-07-2020, 11:23
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    Baghdad - INA



     The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed today, Saturday, the required plan to maximize financial imports and activate the economic sector.

     Member of the Committee, MP Hussein Al-Oqabi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The House of Representatives gave the government 60 days to present an integrated plan to address the economic issue," noting that "this plan must go with two axes: the first is immediate and immediate, dealing with the current economic crisis, and the second axis  A strategy related to changing the policies of the previous government. "

     Al-Oqabi added that "the strategic plan should focus on measures to enhance non-oil revenues and reduce the rate of dependence on oil revenues according to steady steps until we reach a normal rate similar to the countries of the region, which depend on oil revenues by 50% or less and have 50% of revenue  Non-oil, "indicating that" this plan must be specified with time limits, and be multi-domains, not only tax and other areas, but other economic areas. "