Peshmerga: Endeavors to form a coordination center in three governorates

  • 2-07-2020, 13:26
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    Baghdad - INA


     Secretary General of the Peshmerga Ministry, Lieutenant-General Jabbar Yawar, revealed efforts to form a coordination center in Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh and carry out operations against Daesh.

     Yawer told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "the meeting held by the Supreme Committee for Coordination and Military and Security Action between the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Peshmerga was great," noting that "the meeting discussed very important topics, including how to cooperate and work together, especially joint operations against Daesh remains in some  The regions are especially in Diyala, Kirkuk and the Kargashukh regions. "

     Yawar added that "the meeting reached understandings on the issue of establishing coordination and joint work centers in Diyala, Kirkuk and Nineveh, and the mechanism of these centers was discussed," noting that "during the meeting, the topic of how to start joint military operations from the army and the Peshmerga against Daesh terrorist in those governorates was discussed and established  Common defensive lines. "