A new mechanism to link the region's salaries to the federal government

  • 16-06-2020, 11:14
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    Baghdad _INA


    Independent MP. Repwar Kareem defined  the mechanism for linking the salaries of the region employees to the Federal Government.

     Karim said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The linking of the salaries of the employees of the region to the federal government in Baghdad is directly in stages, after preparing the organization of the lists of employees of the region," noting that "the first stage gives Baghdad the salaries of some employees, and it increases this number of employees  Those who actually do their work, and in return the region pays the salaries of pensioners and social welfare. "

     Karim added that "this process must be done through a banking work in order for aliens to be exposed and their salaries cut to end this suffering, and for the region's employee to receive it due time", noting that "there are supporters of this project from the personalities who believe in the real reform of this problem from some powers  like Political and regional staff. "