An Iraqi researcher finds an anti-Corona cure

  • 8-06-2020, 19:45
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     An Iraqi researcher has been able to prepare two anti-viral drugs against a herbal extract formula that, as a pilot project, can save the lives of infected people from the potential death risk.

     "He was able to prepare the two drugs in the college's laboratories from a concentrated extract of natural medicinal herbs, one of which is in the form of a powder extracted from a variety of five extracts," said Professor Hamoud Al-Saadi, professor at the Faculty of Science, University of Babylon, on Monday.  According to studied scientific proportions.

     Al Saadi explained, "The second drug is prepared from a combination of three medicinal plants in the form of a liquid."  It adheres to the target cell surface, thereby preventing the virus from injecting its genetic material into cells. "

     Al-Saadi revealed, "He believes that the two drugs represent a wide spectrum of antivirals that affect the respiratory system and that, in light of the scientific possibilities of the mechanism of work of these two drugs, a success and recovery rate of the disease may exceed 80%. In addition, the possibility of preparing a quantity of the two drugs to treat approximately 100 cases per day,  "It is difficult to come up with an RNA vaccine because it changes its genetic makeup easily," he said.