MOT: Iranian ship incident is of unknown origin, it will not affect navigation

  • 5-06-2020, 17:18
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    INA - Baghdad

    Ministry of Transportation confirmed that the incident of the the Iranian ship sinking is of unknown origins and does not affect the Iraqi shipping lane.

    "The Iranian ship (Behbehan) drowned on Thursday near buoy No. 5 in Khor Abdullah channel within the borders of the Iraqi territorial waters," said the director of the company, Engineer Atheel Abd Ali, according to a statement of the ministry received by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He pointed out that "the Fayha tug was instructed immediately to save the crew on the ship from drowning, explaining that the drowning incident is unknown and that the ship is small in size and does not affect the Iraqi shipping lane.

    "The ship was heading to Umm Qasr ports and was loaded with goods for construction materials," He added, “four of the ship's crew were rescued and one body was pulled from water, and the search for the missing cases is ongoing.