WNO: cutting terrorists' transportation routes in the desert

  • 18-05-2020, 13:59
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    Baghdad - INA


     The West Nineveh Operations Command announced that it had cut off the transportation of Daesh terrorist gangs in the desert within the "Lions of the Island".

     "The operations of what so called the Lions of Al-Jazeera, which were launched with the participation of three leaders, included inspecting all areas not covered by the blocks and cut off the means of transportation for Daesh terrorist gangs and chasing them deep in the desert," the commander of Western Nineveh operations, Major General Jabbar Al-Tai, told Iraqi News Agency (INA).

     He added, "The operation achieved good results, and the participating sectors met on specific pre-defined lines, confirming the continuation of the exposure work to pursue the terrorists deep in the desert and attack their dens."