Health: Partial lockdown caused many news cases of COVID-19

  • 17-05-2020, 18:25
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     INA - Baghdad

    Minister of Health and Environment Hassan Al-Tamimi confirmed that canceling the total lockdown and replacing it with a partial one resulted in the spread of the Coronavirus and caused an increase in the number of infections.

    Al-Tamimi assured the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the failure of citizens to comply with the partial ban has caused many problems in the field of increasing the number of cases of COVID-19"

    "This pandemic has become a reality that must be dealt with through commitment to prevention to avoid infections," he added.

    He pointed out that the most important points that to be focused on are the tightening of procedures by the security forces, and the affirmation of state employees who continue to fulfill their duties to adhere to health protection completely, as well as "the need to emphasize the security services to help impose regional quarantine, which is necessary to reduce The spread of the virus," in addition to providing the necessary financial sums to provide large numbers of laboratory tests to diagnose the virus, and increase the capacity of hospitals.

    "We have a number of hospitals full of infected people, and other hospitals have been opened to treat people infected with the Corona virus," Al-Tamimi added, noting that "some mobile and rapid hospitals have been developed in some areas to accommodate the large numbers of infected people."

    He went on saying that "the regional stone will be adopted for the areas where the most infection rates were recorded, especially on the Rusafa side of Baghdad, and Basra and Sulaymaniyah provinces that are among the most regions where COVID-19 cases have been recorded"

    Al-Tamimi explained that "the Ministry of Health was against the partial lockdown, and that lifting the total ban caused many problems and led to the spread of the Coronavirus further in the country"

    Noting that, the Ministry of Health announced that 144 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, while 92 cases were recovered.