Parliamentary Crisis Cell: Expectations of severe measures due to Corona after Eid

  • 13-05-2020, 14:26
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     Baghdad - INA - Noor al-Zaidi

    The Parliamentary Crisis Cell expected to take severe measures after recording large numbers of Coronavirus cases.

    "The plan put forward by the new Minister of Health, Hassan Al-Tamimi, regarding regional embargoes and commensurate with the health situation and the current circumstance," said Member of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Hassan Khallati, confirmed on Wednesday.

    Member of the Crisis Cell Hassan Khalati told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The large numbers of cases is due to two reasons; the first is a comprehensive survey by health teams and the other is the lack of commitment of citizens to preventive measures,"

    He added that "90% of the cases did not show symptoms of infection, but the comprehensive survey confirmed their infection with the virus," noting that "the new plan developed by the Minister of Health, which includes the imposition of regional embargoes with the current circumstance and the health situation the country is going through,"