BPA announce the seizure of a waste of public money at a value of one billion dinars

  • 10-05-2020, 14:13
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     The Border Ports Authority announced today, Sunday, the seizure of a waste of public money worth one billion dinars at the northern Umm Qasr port.


     The body’s media said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the seizure process took place after receiving certain information about the drawing teams, where the necessity of stopping the loaded trucks (iron) was formed and the formation of an audit committee whose members were a research and investigation officer and an assistant director of the port and a legal department officer  In our commission, "pointing out that" the audit process was conducted by the committee to calculate the customs and tax fee for the goods and the results showed the correctness of the information received. "

     He added that, "The completed customs treatment was returned to the center of northeastern Umm Qasr to recalculate the customs fee and tax", indicating that "as a result of this scrutiny and monitoring achieved by the Border Ports Authority, the fees were recalculated and with a difference of (1,070,980,000) thousand Iraqi dinars was returned to the state treasury."  .