A combined force arrests two terrorists and finds a den in Salah al-Din

  • 8-05-2020, 13:31
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    Baghdad - INA


     On Friday, a joint force within the Salah al-Din  Operations Command managed to arrest two terrorists and find a den containing four Katyusha rockets.

     The Security Media Cell said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "a joint force within the Salah al-Din Operations Command carried out the duty to search and purify the Peace Village and east of the Sukari Bridge, resulting in the arrest of two suspects, and the finding of a den containing 4 Katyusha rockets."  Caliber 107 mm, it was treated in the field, as well as a den inside which had completely burned mattresses and a den containing 5 mortar bombs and a sand table on which the area from (Al-Tharthar vally to Talul Al-Baj area) was completely destroyed.

     For its part, "Al-Jazeera Operations Command carried out a duty to purify the camp" Khalid Bin Al-Waleed ", which resulted in the detonation of 27 explosive devices, which are a 20-liter tank of Daesh terrorist gangs."