Security operations in Nineveh soft areas

  • 5-05-2020, 13:36
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    INA - Baghdad – Amna al-Salami

    The Governor of Nineveh, Najm al-Jubouri, instructed the security forces in the governorate to implement security operations to pursue Daesh terrorist groups in Nineveh soft areas.

    Al-Jubouri  held meetings with the security leaders after the recent events in a number of governorates, pointing out to the leaders associated with him, such as the Nineveh Operations Command, West Nineveh, and the Popular Mobilization Forces to take security measures and precautions to prevent the occurrence of Any possible terrorist attack, according to a statement to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He added that the security meetings that were held are not to be unaware of terrorist activities and to develop appropriate plans to confront any danger.

    "The army's units are setting up ambushes to control the movements of terrorist groups," he explained "the military leaders have taken all security measures to prevent any exposure to the areas of the province during the coming days,"