80 new infections recorded in Corona

  • 8-04-2020, 15:41
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and Environment has registered 80 cases of the emerging coronavirus.

     The ministry stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the injuries are distributed as follows (12 injuries in Baghdad / Rusafa, 3 injuries in the city of medicine, 24 injuries in the Najaf province, one injury in Kirkuk and another in Sulaymaniyah, and 20 injuries in Erbil  And 3 injuries in Karbala, 11 injuries in Dhi Qar, and 5 injuries in Basra).

      The ministry added that "the number of deaths for this day amounted to 4 cases, including one in Baghdad, Rusafa, and one in Baghdad, Karkh, in addition to two cases in Basra."

     And that "healing cases reached 79 cases distributed as follows: (19 cases in Rusafa, 4 cases in Karkh, 10 cases in Medical City, 15 cases in Najaf, 7 cases in Sulaimaniya, 2 cases in Erbil, 5 cases in Dohuk,  And the same in Basra, as well as 8 cases recovered in Karbala, and 4 cases in Kirkuk).