The launch of five million dollars to combat the Corona virus

  • 3-03-2020, 13:26
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad Talibi

    The Ministry of Health confirmed the launch of five million dollars to combat the Corona virus.

    The Director General of the Department of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Riyad Abdul Amir, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) today, Tuesday: "The Ministry of Finance launched five million dollars to secure advanced equipment to confront the Corona virus," noting that "the amount was distributed to the provinces, according to Their size, population density, and percentages of HIV-infected cases.

    He added, "The Crisis Cell called on the Prime Minister to secure an amount to purchase modern medical equipment and supplies to protect and prevent disease in Baghdad and the provinces."

    It is noteworthy that the Crisis Cell issued several directives to confront the Corona virus.

    A statement of the ministry, which received a copy of the Iraqi News Agency said that "the decisions of the committee included forming a crisis cell in each governorate headed by the governor, membership of the Health Department and support bodies to follow up and implement the decisions of the committee and extend the suspension of entry of foreign arrivals directly or indirectly and to other notice."