PM releases a statement regarding one month of protests

  • 3-11-2019, 17:05
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    PM Adel Abdul Mahdi released a statement to Iraqi people after a one month of protests.

    “The people expressed clearly their opinion about the government performance, political and electoral system in addition to the needed demands whether it was political, rightful or services,” said Abdul Mahdi.

    He mentioned that during the protests, images of joy and happiness were created that show the true spirit of Iraqis where the protests turned into public festivals that indicate the cooperation between security forces and the protesters to maintain the popularity and the peaceful image of the protests.

    “This image can be marred by two reasons. The first reason is the amount of sacrifices and death tolls by the two sides. Every drop of blood is precious and painful and must be stopped,”

    “The second reason is the continued assaults by the outlaws against the security forces that are making big efforts to protect the protests, public and private possessions in this country. These groups have nothing to do with the protestsand use it as human shields to block roads, burn and robbery actions in addition to engage with security forces using Molotov and even hand grenades as well as guns and knives,” added PM Abdul Mahdi.

    Abdul Mahdi also included in his statement that an investigative committee was formed that included governmental and non-governmental teams headed by the Minister of Health to investigate the used equipments by the security forces for defence, especially the lachrymatory tear-gas grenades, adding, “Instructions are still strict regarding the use of live gun shots or any other killing weapons, and that the security forces must not commit any assault or attack but only to defend against the outlaw attacks”

    “Security forces invited many protesters to come to the front line and watch the amount of attacks and violent assaults it receives by the outlaws,”

    He also asserted that the protests achieved the main goals and drove the three presidencies to reconsider their stances and a political movement started to happen in addition to many decisions to respond to the demands of the protests.

    “The protests gained popular, civil and unions support. It rattled the political organization to make these protests one of the most important events that approves the responsibilities of the freedoms. It is the main tool that people can reform their rulers and express themselves,”

    He emphasized on the life was disrupted where universities, schools and many other city’s associations were disrupted taking in consideration they are life main parts.

    “It’s about time that life must return to normality. Markets, factories, schools, universities and many other associations must be reopened. The protests and other legal expressions can still be ongoing without affecting the continuation of the normal life,”

    Abdul Mahdi also added that curfew hours were reduced to help bringing back the normal life and maintaining citizen’s rights including the right of demonstrations in the specified areas with no burning or assaults to be made, whatsoever.