Launch of the electronic platform Iraq Trade Point to provide information support to investors and businessmen

  • 23-10-2019, 15:20
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    Baghdad – INA

    The Ministry of Commerce announced the launch of the electronic platform for the International Trade Point in the Department of Private Sector Development on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair.The Minister of Trade Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani in a statement said that Iraq International Trade Point in the development of the private sector in the ministry, concerned with providing information support and technical support to businessmen and investors to find a trading partner and open new markets for the productive and export sectors and small projects Through electronic promotion of products and services across global networks.

    Electronic commerce represents an opportunity for cross-border trade exchanges, the statement quoted the director general of the private sector development department, Riyad Fakher Al-Hashimi, stressing its effective role in bringing about a qualitative change on the traditional economic system, both locally and internationally. He added that the platform has an active role in the development of electronic business transactions in order to support Iraq's economy internationally through its membership in the Federal Federation of World Trade Points, noting that this needs to join efforts between ministries and state institutions to activate the use of electronic commerce tools, such as payment Electronic payment and electronic signature, as well as the need to establish a link in information systems between the institutions and bodies concerned to facilitate commercial transactions.