President Sponsors Baghdad Regional Forum For The Advancement of Women

  • 25-08-2019, 18:27
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    President Barham Salih announced on Sunday, that the Office of the Presidency, working within its mandate to support and promote women's issues, has been drafting a new law that would create the Supreme Council for Women.

    The law, now in the final stages of being prepared, will soon be submitted to the Council of Representatives. The President hopes it will be considered and potentially passed in the next legislative term.

    In a speech at the Baghdad Regional Forum for the Development of Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women, held today at the Al-Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad, Salih emphasized that the intent of the law is to provide an institutional building block for the care and protection of women’s rights. The speech was delivered by Ali al-Shukri, Head of the President’s Consultative Body.

    The speech noted that since day one of the new administration, the Office of the Presidency has worked tirelessly to support every effort to promote women's rights and ensure their effective participation in Iraq’s government. Real, sustained and genuine decision-making cannot be achieved where certain populations are excluded from involvement in national affairs. 

    Ali al-Shukri conveyed the President's greetings and wishes for the success of the forum, and tasked them with developing practical ideas and strategies that advance women’s affairs and complement previous and existing efforts to establish an independent national institution specifically tasked with these efforts.

    Al-Shukri emphasized the President’s unwavering support for the work of the forum, and noted that for too long, Iraqi women have had problems with injustice, exclusion, and oppression.

    The Forum was organized by the Iraqi Hope Society, the Iraqi Women's Network, the Women's Empowerment Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and the Supreme Council for Women's Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

    It was supported by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Dutch Embassy in Iraq. Nine other Arab countries, women’s agencies and associations also participated.

    Khanem Latif, the President’s advisor, Iraqi senior officials, representatives of women's and civil organizations, and a number of representatives of diplomatic missions in Baghdad also attended the forum, which also seeks to integrate women’s voices and participation in national policies, including the preparation of budgets.

    The Forum emphasized the importance of understanding women as an essential and effective force in resolving and advancing societal issues, including areas of security, peace, justice, and sustainable development.