‎Governorate councils' election will postpone in case parliament disagree election law amendment

  • 11-05-2019, 12:01
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, the election commission assured that it will postponegovernorate councils' election to the next year, if the parliament won't send the amendments of election law within next 15 days.

    The chairman of the board of commissioners in the supreme commission for electionMaan Al-Hitawi said to INA agency, "the commission will suggest the election postponing to the beginning of the next year".

    He confirmed that the commission is ready to holding the election in Kirkuk, in which the election was hold within voters' registers of 2018, and now it has members represent the governoratein the parliamentcouncil.

    Adding that," refugees file now is a challenge that the commission faced, it won't be allowed to anyrefugee or citizen in liberated areas to elect unless he possesses avoter card, according to the suggesting amendments of election law".

    He called all refugees or citizens to "go to voters' registers updating centers in refugees' camps and cities and urban areas for updating their registers".