Wages of special morning academic governmental studies for the upcoming year 2019 / 2020

  • 2-01-2019, 08:36
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    Baghdad, INA

    Governmental education colleges wages for morning special studies for the upcoming year Wednesday 02 January 2019-10:01 Baghdad. Ministry of higher education and scientific research, on Monday, to determine the tuition fees for students admitted to State education channel Morning sickness, for the next academic year 2019/2020. 

    Dr Fouad Qasim Mohamed, said in a statement sent to the Iraqi News Agency (INA),that  the Minister of higher education Dr. Qusay al-Suhail, agreed to determine the tuition fees for students admitted to State education channel morning show, stating that" Decides to adopt determine Tuition fees for public education channel special morning from 2019/2020  year ", adding that" the Ministry determined wages for medical colleges to nine million dinars, dental colleges, seven million and 500 thousand dinars, and pharmacy faculties of six million and 500 thousand dinars, and sections of the Architectural Engineering Colleges and 3 million dinars, and other engineering sections 2 to 250 thousand dinars. "

    Mohamed said, "tuition fees for colleges of engineering techniques identified two million dinars, colleges of nursing and veterinary million 750 thousand dinars, with tuition fees set for faculties of medical techniques 2 to 250 thousand dinars, and the faculties of science and other scientific disciplines million and 500 thousand dinars   And law schools by one million and 200 thousand dinars, and Humanities b 900 000, administrative techniques colleges million dinars and technical institutes JD 2 million medical and technological institutes and 200 000 in tuition fees established for the rest of the institutes b 750 thousand dinars. "     He said Undersecretary for research that will adopt the new tuition fees for calculating the remuneration of special education students in accordance with the approved proportions morning for completion ", pointing to" calculate the tuition fees for students who have failed in some tutorials on according to the number of units per lesson  Divided by the total number of units multiplied by the school year lessons annuity ".