Al-Maliki: any delay in Saddam’s execution would had led to his escape fromprison

  • 30-12-2018, 07:33
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    Head of State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, said on Sunday, in a statement INA received a copy of, that the decision to execute the tyrant Saddam Hussein, if had been delayed for one day, would had led to his escape from prison with internal and external help.

    Al-Maliki said that these days commemorate two major events; the first is the execution of Iraq’s tyrant in December 2006, and the second is the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraqi territories in the same month of 2011, adding that he was certain that if any delay in implementing the decision of executing Saddam, even for one day, would had definitely, led to his escape from prison, a matter which unveiled later on in documents, pointing that the fake fuss about implementing the warrant of execution on Eid al-Adhha feast eve, was only a coverage for the tyrant’s escape scenario with the help of internal and external parties.

    Regarding the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq, Al-Maliki said that it was an exceptional day in Iraq’s modern history and considered as a national day, as the Iraqi negotiator succeeded in outing the foreign troops from all Iraqi territories without any secret bonds or appendix as some tries to propagate in and outside Iraq. Al-Maliki said that this great achievement, which was reached following hard negotiations, is unique in history of region and world peoples, and it was a great certificate for the Iraqi people of his rejection of occupation and dominance.