Commission of Integrity: lack of important treatments & vaccines in maternal & child centers

  • 23-12-2018, 13:48
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     Baghdad, 23th Dec.

    Commission of Integrity, announced today Sunday 23th Dec. that there are lack of important maternal and child welfare centers vaccines in most healthy centers and not equipped diagnostic-mother and child care units with the modern sonar. 
    In a statement received recommended the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the Ministry of health briefs primary health care centers in General, maternal and child care units especially medical specialty of physicians and Gynecology and prenatal care, in addition to hardware requirements Medical remedies and vaccines regarding pregnant women and children alike, and periodically and orderly.
    The Commission stressed on the needing for the vaccine not only after the completion of laboratory testing process and its results, and taking into account the size of the dosage that gives the expectant mother, to avoid negative effects on the health of the mother and the fetus.
    Translated by Nadia al-Mukhtar