Army Chief of Staff: Daesh defeated militarily, borders fortified with defensive lines

  • 18-06-2024, 14:13
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    The Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, announced on Tuesday, that ISIS terrorist gangs have been militarily defeated. He also specified the areas where remnants of these gangs are located and revealed the commencement of constructing fortified defensive lines to prevent these remnants from reaching the provinces.
    " Daesh gangs were militarily defeated after the liberation of all the territories they controlled, but ideologically, it remains a terrorist group with an ideological presence in hard-to-reach areas," Yarallah told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He further emphasized, "Anyone discussing the capability of ISIS gangs should know they have been decisively defeated militarily. However, remnants still exist, and their members are being pursued relentlessly everywhere. The Military Intelligence Directorate provides daily updates on these gangs and their locations." Additionally, he highlighted, "F-16 aircraft are actively engaged in operations against these remnants."
    He mentioned that "there is no danger from the remnants of those gangs, and this will not lead to citizens' concerns or the possibility of the return of those gangs."
     He pointed out that "the remnants of ISIS operate in specific areas identified in the triangle (Kirkuk, Salah al-Din, and Diyala) and have been identified. We are fulfilling our duties towards those areas to prevent any infiltration or advancement of these remnants towards targets, whether civilian or military."
    Yarallah further explained that "Iraqi security Services have devised plans to eliminate and neutralize the remnants of ISIS, and have begun constructing robust and fortified defensive lines. These lines act as barriers preventing access to the provinces. We are gradually advancing in areas like Jazerat Ninawa and  Jazerat Anbar, aiming to deprive ISIS gangs of any area they could potentially exploit. At the same time, this effort secures the Iraqi-Syrian border."
    He mentioned that "the fortifications on the borders are strong, but we aim to establish sectors to guard against any attempt by terrorist groups to infiltrate Iraqi territory, especially from Syria towards Ninawa Province."