INIS arrests two of the most dangerous ISIS leaders

  • 24-02-2024, 17:35
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    Baghdad - INA 

    The Iraqi National Intelligence Service announced today, Saturday the arrest of two of the most dangerous ISIS leaders outside the borders.

    In a statement by the agency, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said: “The victories of the valiant heroes of Iraq continue over the remnants of the terrorist ISIS, who violated the sanctities and violated land, blood, and honor, calling for death, killing, displacement, and the deprivation of rights and freedoms, enemies of humanity and peace.”

    He added, "With the personal follow-up of the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and exceptional efforts and intelligence tracking that continued for years, the heroes of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service were able to arrest two of the most dangerous leaders of ISIS terrorists who were involved in the most heinous terrorist crimes in Iraq in a specific operation outside the Iraqi borders, to be taken to Iraq, and they are:- 
    Terrorist Issam Abd Ali Saedan, nicknamed (Abu Zaid), a journalist for the so-called Fallujah Province, who was involved in the slaughter of the martyr soldier Kadhm Al-Rikabi, who is responsible for managing all media activities of terrorist gangs in Fallujah after the year 2014, and also involved in documenting many terrorist crimes, the most prominent of which was the killing of the two martyred soldiers. Mustafa Al-Adhari, Samir Murad Al-Dalawi, and the terrorist Bashir Abd Ali Saedan, nicknamed (Abu Ahmed Etisalat), a soldier in the so-called Fallujah Province who is responsible for all ISIS terrorist operations in Fallujah after 2015, and who was in charge of securing and encrypting the communications of terrorist gang leaders.”

    The statement indicated, "At a time when the victories of the heroes of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service are continuing over the forces of terrorism, darkness, and infidelity, they pledge to their honorable people to continue pursuing these criminals and hunting them down one by one, a promise they made to themselves and they spent dearly and preciously to fulfill.".