North Korea tells Japan it plans Launch of a military spy satellite

  • 21-11-2023, 12:24
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    INA- sources
    North Korea announced its intention to launch a military spy satellite.
    North Korea has informed its neighbor Japan of its intention to make a third attempt to launch a military spy satellite in the coming days, Japanese officials said on, Tuesday, after two previous launches failed.
    The Japanese Coast Guard said North Korea had notified Tokyo of its plan to launch the satellite sometime between next Wednesday and November 30.
    The notice identified 3 sea areas where debris from the rocket carrying the satellite may fall.
    The spokesman for the Japanese Coast Guard said that two of the three zones are in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and China, while the third zone is in the Philippine Sea.
    North Korea gave Japan the launch information because the Japanese Coast Guard coordinated and distributed Maritime Safety Information in East Asia.
    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asked Coast Guard officials to coordinate with other countries to demand that North Korea cancel its plan to launch the satellite.
    Source: Sky News