Putin: US seeks to spread chaos in the Middle East

  • 30-10-2023, 23:30
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the United States seeks to spread chaos in the Middle East.

    Putin stressed that the scenes of dead children, blood, the suffering of the elderly, and the killing of doctors in the Middle East fuel our grief, but only sympathy, is unacceptable.

    "When you look at the bloodied children, the dead children, how the women and the elderly suffer, how the doctors die, of course, this fuels our grief and tears us up. You can't say it any other way. But we shouldn't just be satisfied with sympathy," he said.

    The president noted that it is necessary "to clearly understand who is really behind the tragedy of the peoples of the Middle East and other regions of the world, who is organizing the deadly chaos, and who is benefiting from it."