The Presidency of the Republic condemns the attack on Sulaymaniyah Airport

  • 8-04-2023, 11:25
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    INA-  Baghdad

    The Presidency of the Republic expressed on Saturday its condemnation of the attack on Sulaymaniyah International Airport, while calling on the Turkish government to take responsibility and make an official apology.

    The Presidency of the Republic stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Turkish military operations are repeated in the Kurdistan region, the latest of which was the bombing of the Sulaymaniyah civilian airport, and as we condemn these blatant attacks on Iraq and its sovereignty, we affirm that there is no legal justification that authorizes the Turkish forces to continue their approach in terrorizing peaceful civilians under the pretext of the presence of anti-Iraqi forces on Iraqi soil."

    The Presidency called on the Turkish government to "take responsibility, offer an official apology for these actions, stop these attacks and solve their internal problems by opening outlets for dialogue with the concerned parties," stressing by saying: "In the event of the recurrence of these attacks, there will be a firm stance to prevent their recurrence in the future."