Iraq sends 650 tons of food to Syria

  • 7-02-2023, 23:55
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    The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced, today, Tuesday, that 650 tons of foodstuffs will be sent to Syria to provide relief to its citizens due to the earthquake disaster tomorrow.
    The spokesman for the General Secretariat, Haider Majeed, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Ministry of Commerce will send, tomorrow, Wednesday, a convoy to the state of Syria, including 650 tons of rice, sugar, legumes and cooking oil."
    Earlier in the day, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced the continuation of the air bridge to provide aid to both Syria and Turkey, and to send a team of rescue experts to support the Syrian teams.
      Majeed, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Yesterday, the first two planes of the Iraqi Air Force took off from the Martyr Muhammad Alaa Air Base in Baghdad, within the air bridge that the Prime Minister directed to establish for the relief of the brotherly Syrian people as a result of the earthquake that struck a number of from the Syrian cities.
    Majeed added, "My plane yesterday included tons of medical supplies, immediate first aid, and urgent equipment, and some equipment and supplies such as tents, blankets, and mattresses, in addition to some foodstuffs," noting that "the amount of aid is 60 tons of various materials." 
    He continued, "A team from the Iraqi Red Crescent accompanied the flight and coordinated with the Syrian Red Crescent to provide aid, and the air bridge will continue to head to Syria to accomplish the mission, and a convoy from the Ministry of Trade will depart loaded with tons of foodstuffs heading to Syria, and today also a convoy of tanks loaded with one million liters of fuel, 500,000 liters of petrol and 500,000 liters of gas oil will arrive.  
    Majeed noted, "With regard to the Air Bridge and aid to Turkey, yesterday a team from the Iraqi Red Crescent arrived with a number of ambulances, paramedic teams and mobile clinics, and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the air bridge will also will go via planes to deliver aid to Turkey."
    " Majeed continued, "Today or tomorrow, with the air cargo heading to Syria, a team of experts and specialists in rescue operations from the Civil Defense, about thirty-five officers and affiliates, will go with their equipment and devices to participate in the rescue teams in Syria and provide advice and   provide all support operations, as well as searching operations for survivors in the rubble. Majeed said.