The Olympic Port Stadium puts the final touches in preparation for Gulf Cup 25

  • 17-12-2022, 18:17
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    The project manager of the Olympic Port Stadium, Hussein Mustafa Jassim, announced the readiness of the Olympic Port Stadium after putting the final touches in preparation for the Gulf Championship (25), which is scheduled to start on the sixth of next January.

    Jassim said, in a special statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Saturday, that "the company organizing the opening ceremony of the Arab Gulf Cup visited the stadium, and it was agreed on all organizational matters of the ceremony in general.".

     He added, "The process of cleaning the stadium, its surroundings, and all the external buildings has been completed, as well as the installation of indication signs, and the completion of the work of the external walkways, as well as the remaining works of the entrance gates for the fans have been completed.".

    He pointed out that "several companies have contributed to preparing the Olympic Port Stadium, where the company responsible for television transmission will be Spanish, and the company responsible for installing the (VAR) will also be Spanish, while the British company will be responsible for the opening and organization, while the company executing the tournament stadiums (Basra And the port), it is Iraqi, represented by the company of the deceased Abdullah Awiz.