"The Guest" wins the Best Film Award at Sumer Film Festival

Culture and art
  • 29-11-2022, 12:21
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    The screenings of the 1st Sumer Film Festival –the session of Sahib Haddad, in cooperation with the Union of Iraqi Writers, continued every Friday evening at Al-Jawahiry Hall.
    The festival’s president, Nizar Shahid Al-Fada’am, announced that the jury represented by Iqbal Naim, Hikmat Al-Baydhani, and film critic Kadhim Al-Salloum awarded director Yasmine Shuwaikh the directing award for the movie “Until the End of Time” from Algeria, and the movie “The Guest” won the award for best film by director Abdel Hadi Al-Bagouri. As for the best actor award, first role, it was awarded to the artist Khaled Al-Sawy from Egypt, and the special jury award went to the movie “Confession” directed by Basil Al-Khatib from Syria.
    The award for Best Actress in a Leading Role went to the Slovakian actress Kamila Mitrášová for her role in LoLI PARADICKA.
    The jury also awarded the feature documentary film, which consisted of Saleh Al-Sahn, Haider Faisal Al-Askari, and director Talib Mahmoud Al-Sayed, the award for best documentary film equally to the films “God of Song” by director Aref Mohammadi from Canada and the movie “The Forgotten” by director Tariq Badr from Jordan. The special jury award was awarded for the film Good Death, directed by the Slovakian TOMAS KRUPA, which is a joint production from England and Slovakia.
    It’s to be mentioned that the first Sumer International Film Festival delayed the opening of its first session for more than two years, due to Corona pandemic and the political events that preceded the pandemic.