Al-Amiri: The battle against terrorism has not ended

  • 26-11-2022, 17:29
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    The head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, confirmed today, Saturday, that the battle against terrorism has not ended.

    Al-Amiri said in a speech he delivered during a memorial ceremony held on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the leader Abu Bilal Al-Jabri in the Martyr Haider Al-Mayahi Hall in the building of the General Information Directorate of the Popular Mobilization Authority, which was transmitted by his media office in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the great fighter Abu Bilal Al-Jabri lived All the difficult jihadi stations since the end of the seventies and until the last day of his life, he was patient and counted in each of these stations.

    He added, "Commander Al-Jabri was one of the first to contribute to the formation of Badr, as he was, during that difficult period, one of the patient mujahideen and had insight into his matter.".

    Al-Amiri pointed out that “the commander Abu Bilal was interested in the affairs of training the fighters after the blessed fatwa, due to a lack of training.”.

    Al-Amiri confirmed, “The martyrdom of Abu Bilal Al-Jabri’s son with the leaders of victory is a divine honor for the leader Al-Jabri,” noting that “despite all the tribulations and the loss of his son, daughter, and husband, he remained patient and calculated.

    Al-Amiri stressed that "the battle with terrorism has not ended, and some do not believe that we have reached the end," noting that "the path of martyrs and jihad requires us to perpetuate and continue," stressing that "the path of the leaders of victory is still open and calls for that. We have a legitimate responsibility to perpetuate this path."