Ramadi areas have been cleared of mines by 95%

  • 25-11-2022, 19:01
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    Anbar - INA 

    The District Commissioner of Ramadi district, Ibrahim Al-Awsaj, confirmed today, Friday, the success in clearing the district of more than 95% of mines and remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs. 
    Al-Awsaj said, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "Anbar Governorate contains 53,000 thousand explosive devices remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, planted in streets, alleys, and neighborhoods in various regions of the governorate." 
    He added, "The local government in Anbar, in cooperation with international organizations, has succeeded in removing all mines and explosive devices from the center of Ramadi, districts and residential homes, by more than 95%." 
    He pointed out that "some sites in areas located in the north and south of the city still pose a threat to citizens due to ISIS violations," pointing out that "the main reason for not completing the works is the delay in the disbursement of financial grants to the governorate." 
    He continued, "Funding for demining has been stopped in the district and the governorate in general," calling for increased funding to end the phenomenon of explosive devices and manifestations of war in the governorate. 
    Al-Awsaj pointed out that there are areas that still contain war violations of ISIS terrorist gangs and need governmental and international intervention.