Joint Ops: Operation Wadi al-Shay is a leap in pursuit of terrorism

  • 23-11-2022, 22:02
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    Joint Operations Command confirmed that the operation to enter Wadi al-Shay 3 days ago represented a qualitative leap in the pursuit of terrorism, using thermal cameras for the first time instead of aerial surveillance.
    “We are working constantly, with high capabilities and new plans as what we carried out a qualitative operation 3 days ago in Wadi al-Shay in particular. We used thermal cameras for the first time in setting up ambushes at midnight. It represented a qualitative leap, as our forces entered Wadi al-Shay without air cover, and four terrorists were killed. We continued securing the area until the early morning hours, and we found very large numbers of weapons, as well as important information,” said the spokesman for Joint Ops, Major General Tahseen Al-Khafaji, to the Iraqi News Agency – INA.
    Al-Khafaji added, "This is a quantum leap in the fight against ISIS, and the process of pursuing and chasing this terrorist organization wherever it continues. We are constantly working to intensify the intelligence effort, and the organization is trying from time to time to do some action, but our continued pressure, pursuit, and targeting are qualitative. The proof of that is we were able to kill 7 terrorists in two days with a hard will, and we also clashed with the enemy."
    "The numbers of terrorists are few and they move in groups that do not exceed 4 or 5 people, trying to hide by taking advantage of the ruggedness of the land, but the pursuit and the effort continue via aerial surveillance and thermal cameras. Wadi al-Shay operation is where for the first time we clashed with the enemy with an effortless technical effort without air cover to kill its members and continue the pursuit,” he included.