(Lawi) praises Baghdad International Theater Festival

Culture and art
  • 22-10-2022, 15:50
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Iranian artist Kourosh Zarei participated in the third Baghdad International Festival of Theater under the slogan "Theater illuminates  Life".

    Zarei told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "I was honored to come to Baghdad and I am happy with this great carnival," noting: "I am part of the judging committee of the third Baghdad International Theater Festival among my dear colleagues, the artist Mahmoud Abu Al-Abbas and Raed Mohsen, from Lebanon Lina Khoury and from Germany Eberhard Wagner".

    He continued, "I work as an actor, theater director and general secretary of the Fajr Theater Festival, where I began my artistic career in 1989 on stage, and obtained a bachelor's degree in performing arts."

    Regarding the artworks and the name “Lawi,” Zari confirmed: “I presented many works of art at the theater level, including the play “Death in the Autumn, Suns Do Not Absent, and Jaber Bin Hayyan.” The eldest of the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) is "Lawi" and now everyone calls me by this name Lawi, and I also played the lead role in the movie "Emperor of Hell" directed by Parviz Sheikh Tadi.

    He added: "We came to Baghdad Al-Salam to present the play "When it ends, it falls", written and directed by Abdul Hadi Abdul-Jabbar. The show tells the story of the creation of the first father of mankind, the destruction of the earth and its re-creation again."