SMC confirms the arrest of a number of intruders

  • 1-10-2022, 18:31
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    The Security Media Cell renewed, today, Saturday, its demand for demonstrators to beware of intruders, and confirms the arrest of a number of them.

    The cell said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the security services affirm their full protection of all forms of peaceful demonstration, and the right of demonstrators to demonstrate in accordance with the legal and constitutional ceilings.".

    The cell added, "The security services concerned with securing and protecting peaceful demonstrators take the utmost discipline in their work, and have noticed, diagnosed and arrested a number of intruders among the demonstrators, using Molotov and other materials that pose a great danger to the demonstrators, their affiliates and the form of demonstration alike.".

    In addition to that, the cell added, "The security forces return and appeal to the demonstrators to pay close attention to the incendiary and dangerous materials and stones used by these intruders among the peaceful demonstrators," noting that "your peaceful demonstration is a right guaranteed by the constitution, your protection and public and private property is our responsibility."