Biden: Russia's annexation of Ukraine is a violation of international law

  • 30-09-2022, 18:22
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    In his first comment, US President Joe Biden stressed, today, Friday, that Russia's annexation of Ukrainian regions is a fraud and a violation of international law.

    Biden said in a statement that "what Russia did today is a fraud and a violation of international law, and Moscow is trampling the United Nations Charter with this act.".
    "We will always respect Ukraine's internationally recognized borders, and we will continue to support it in restoring its territory," he added.

    Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed with the political leaders of Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk regions accession agreements to the Russian Federation.
    During his speech at the signing ceremony, Putin said that "the choice of the people of the four regions is victory with the Russian homeland, and they have become Russian citizens forever after being subjected to years of siege and hatred."